Professional Custom Writing Services for Students

Everyone who has been a student knows what it’s like to be so overwhelmed with assignments that we cannot help but think to ourselves - “I would so much rather pay someone to write my paper than sit around squeezing a line a day!” Most of the time, we end up putting together something resembling a paper, unsure about its quality, just because our conscience talked us out of getting professional help. Often, we cannot spare enough time and effort to put together a decent paper ourselves and end up with a C+. In times like these, we wish we would have got the best (professional) essay writer for the job.

Writing yourself VS Outsourcing

Our paper writing service can boast profound experience in this market. We had the honor of writing for the most demanding students from some of the most reputable schools across the US, UK, and other countries. As such, we have encountered numerous questions that we had to address. In general, it all comes down to an overly simplified perception of the academics. Either you are a hardworking student who does all the assignments him- or herself, or you are a lazy golden kid wasting his or her trust fund on custom writing. These are the two extremes, both of which barely ever exist in reality. Not to go into too much detail, we have noticed that students never go "Write my paper for me!" without an objective reason. It may be an unexpected situation that stops them from delivering a task themselves on time. Often, it is effective time management where students focus on some subjects and hire professional assistance for others.

How Our Paper Writing Service works

Once we receive your ‘write my paper' message, our system is set in motion. Here is how it works:

  1. The more we know about your assignment, the easier it is for us to find the ultimate writer for the job. For better or worse, you cannot just type “help me write my research paper” and expect a decent result. As such, we encourage customers to share all the relevant details: type of paper, academic level, word count, style of formatting, deadline, along with any other specific requirements from your tutor.

  2. Based on the information kindly provided by our customer, we pick the ultimate writer for your order. We cooperate with enough equally professional writers to accept any order at any time.

  3. It may happen that picking up a topic for your essay is up to you. In this case, picking up the right topic is essential to your work but can also pose a separate challenge. Our support is always willing to help you pick a fitting theme to make your assignment shine, whether it is a college term paper or a high school essay.

  4. Once the task is clear and the writer is assigned, he or she begins the research. Basing the paper on recent, reliable resources is essential. If any questions arise on our side at this stage, our support agent will contact you for clarification. Please, stay in touch.

  5. Before moving on to writing the paper itself, the writer always drafts an outline. Upon your request, we will be glad to share it with you for approval.

  6. When the writer finishes the first draft of the paper, it gets passed on to our proofreading and editing team. We realize that when our customers pay for essay, they expect a brilliant outcome. As such, no drawbacks should be allowed to sneak in – from common spelling errors to possible logical inconsistencies and misuse of terminology.

  7. At the final stage, before handing in the ready paper to you, we run it through the plagiarism checker to make sure that your paper is 100% plagiarism free and there are no instances of accidental plagiarism.

How much will you have to pay for essay? On the one hand, it is pretty much self-explanatory that when your academic success is at stake, you should be ready to pay for a custom-written paper’s worth. On the other hand, everybody knows that most students are not exactly in a position to overspend. Given this, we have put together a comprehensive pricing system to keep our prices fair at all times. The final cost depends on your paper academic level, word count, and urgency. This means that if your deadline is critically close, you will have to pay extra. But if you order your paper online beforehand, then you can strike a real bargain. Of course, the urgency of your deadline does not influence the quality of our end result in any way.

What makes us an outstanding paper writing service

To summarize, we have put together all our advantages and benefits in a brief and comprehensive list:

  • we cover all topics and subjects with no exceptions whatsoever

  • not only you get affordable papers (price), but the quality remains topnotch at all times

  • we strictly adhere to the highest standards of grammar, style, and – of course – formatting

  • our writers only refer to the most up-to-date and trustworthy resources

  • we always deliver on time and never miss any deadlines that you set for us

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